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Jess is a self-taught tattoo artist from Melbourne, now making her mark at Umbra. Jess's journey into the world of tattooing began in her late teens, and she got her first tattoo in 2018. However, it was her love for travel that truly shaped her artistry. She spent years exploring the globe, absorbing the diverse cultures and experiences. It wasn't until 2020, after her extensive travels, that she fully embraced her passion and began her professional tattooing journey.

Jess specializes in geometric and blackwork tattoos. Her designs are not just visually captivating, but they also carry a deep personal significance, reflecting her belief in the power of self-expression through body art.

Beyond her artistry, Jess is passionate about health, fitness, and spirituality, which is reflected in her lifestyle and work ethic. She finds inspiration in music and nature.