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Ben has always been very passionate about art and creating. However, he begun pursuing it seriously towards the end of high school when realising he wanted to make a living by creating, one way or another. Every night after school, he would lock himself in his bedroom , listen to music and create art. Whether it was pencil or charcoal drawings, digital designing or painting, he was happy to have a creative outlet to delve into  

In 2012, Ben was offered a position tattooing at a local tattoo studio. Studying building design at the time, he was hesitant to quit his course to become an unpaid apprentice, with no guarantee of making it in the industry. He finally made the change by the years end and never looked back.  

Ben begun travelling overseas for work in 2015 when invited to Montreal, Canada. This lead to several months of travel each and every year following. Seeking education, he engrossed himself in the presence of amazing artists and world class studios.  This ranged from tattoo guest spots, to oil painting workshops with world-renowned artists. 

Fast forwarding to 2020 - he is extremely grateful for all the travelling and career opportunities he has had thus far. With his biggest achievement now underway - UMBRA.